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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Biker´s Creed

The Biker's Creed

When our legs were numb and the wind was strong, we'd grab your wheel.
When the ride was tough or the day was long, we'd grab your wheel.
When the mileage grew and the road was steep, we'd grab your wheel.
And through the creed that bikers keep, you'd give your wheel.

But with the highs must come the lows, as every biker so well knows.
Rides that start off very strong, become quite painful and quite long.
Today the front is not your place, you're weak and can't maintain the pace.
And though you push you've fallen back, and lost your place amongst the pack.

So for all the times you've lead the line, or pulled us through a long hard climb,
or urged us onward through the night, to finish the race at morning light,
we heed the creed and give you our wheel.
Hang on tight, you know the drill.  It's just another sprint - just another hill.

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